Attorney Tsuyoshi Dai


Research Center for Science and Advanced Technology of Tokyo University (RCAST)

October 2003-June 2006
  • Researcher, advanced interdisciplinary studies, School of engineering, the university of Tokyo
  • Advised by Professor Katsuya Tamai, intellectual property law and law and economics
  • Doing comparative analysis of legal system between U.S. and Japan in health care and life science industries

The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, Saitama and Tokyo, Japan

April 1999-October 2000
  • Completed 18-month legal training program held at the training center in Saitama, the Tokyo District Court, the Tokyo District Prosecutors’ Office, and one private law firm in Tokyo
  • Entered and graduated as one of the most junior students

Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Passed Japanese bar-exam while being a university student in 1999, which was one of the youngest to pass the bar.


Established own law firm for startups, venture companies, and high-tech corporations

October 2005-Present

(1) Firm Concept: Social Impact × legal Service

  • Supporting startups and venture companies having new business ideas, technologies and entrepreneurship mind to change the world
  • Support to expand Japanese prominent technologies and knowledge to the world through patent law and intellectual property law
  • Supporting business persons both in business and private as a legal counsel to maximize their potential

(2) Firm Practice:

  • Patent law and Biotechnology law
    For pharmaceutical, biotechnology or health care corporations, Tsuyoshi Dai had reviewed more than two hundred (200) contracts such as CDA, MOU, Option Agreement, Research and Development Agreement, License and Supply Agreement and Manufacturing Agreement with much knowledge and know-how of Japanese pharmaceutical practices.
  • Corporate finance, investment and going IPO
    Experienced many investments such as early stage investments, issuing stock options before IPO, preparation for going IPO, increasing in capital after IPO. For Example, Nano Carrier Co., Ltd, a biotech company of DDS (Drug Delivery System), went IPO in March 2008 successfully. As a legal counsel, drafted necessary documents submitted to Tokyo Stock Exchange, negotiated its legal counsel and completed some legal opinions for issuing stocks. Advising not only to a venture company side, but also to venture capitals and funds side for investment.
  • General Corporate and Corporate Governance
    As a legal counsel, legal auditor or chief legal officer, providing advices of compliance or corporate governance to startups, venture companies and corporations. Supporting business persons who have entrepreneurship mind. Engaging launches of new and highly selective projects. For instance, COMMONS asset management, an independent asset management company focusing on 30 competitive global Japanese companies from 30 years long-term perspective, launched its fund in 2009. Organized the structure of the company, prepared legal documents, and succeeded to register the company with Japanese Finance Agency Services (at current stage, a legal auditor of the company). The company was established by Ken Shibusawa, formerly working for Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.
  • Legal assistance and Project Management of new business in Japan for global Corporations
    With communication skill in English and legal knowledge, engaged more than ten projects to start business in Japan for foreign companies such as U.S startups for fertility treatment, French established perfume companies, German furniture companies and Chinese travel companies.
  • Technology Transfer and IP transaction
    Utilizing experiences of a researcher of Research Center for Science and Advanced Technology of Tokyo University (RCAST), Experienced many cases to establish and start new biotech companies collaborating with University technology licensing organization (TLO)
  • Others
    Trade mark and copy right

Associate in Abe, Ikubo and Katayama, one of the most prestigious boutique firm of intellectual property Law in Japan
March 2003-October 2005

  • Engaged more than ten (10) cases in connection with life science industry such as providing legal advices to biotech tech companies, venture capitals and TLO (Technology Licensing Organization). Giving general legal advices regarding intellectual property law and biotechnology law, and more specialized legal advices, such as advices on bioethics, patent strategy, negotiation strategy, and licensing strategy

Associate at litigation and intellectual property department of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (formerly Mori Sogo Law Offices), one of the largest law firm in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

October 2000-February 2003

  • As an associate at litigation and intellectual property department of the firm, experienced numerous corporate legal practices such as litigations, negotiations, international disputes, documentation of contracts, legal opinions and other legal documents.


As determined to be a lawyer for engaging public interest as a professional, Pro Bono is highly valued and have been engaging many impactful Projects

An secretary and legal counsel of Human Rights Watch(HRW) Japan since 2009

  • HRW is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights watch. As a secretary and legal counsel of HRW Japan, attending board meeting, giving legal advices and drafting contracts.

An auditor and legal counsel of Health Policy Institute, Japan(HPIJ) since its establishment in 2004.

  • HPIJ is organized by very selective members; the chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa used be a special advisor to the Cabinet during 2006-2008 requested by Junichiro Koizumi, former prime minister of Japan. Vice Chairman of HPIJ is James Kondo from McKinsey & company, graduated Harvard Business School (HBS). The mission of the auditor and legal counsel is to give legal advices, audit HPIJ and attend English board meetings per three (3) months.

Elected a councilor of Commission on Citizens and Health(CCH)

  • established to realize patients oriented policies, organize nationwide patients committee such as cancer patients and provide leadership programs for citizens to negotiate governments. CCH is sponsored by Pfizer Inc foundation. The mission of councilor is to evaluate CCH’s annual activities subject to CCH mission and its annual plan and report to CCH or Pfizer foundation


  • As Pro bono activities, had been a legal counsel of powerful non-profit organizations; Make-A-Wish of Japan (Japanese branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation), Sawayaka Welfare Foundation, the largest foundation in Japan for elderly people and Artist Power Bank(AP bank), a financing institution sponsored by famous Japanese artists for an environmental non-profit organization. Had been nominated an executive board member of Make-A-Wish of Japan.