We define our missions are;

a) Contributing to startups and high-tech companies by skilled legal practices and strategic analysis;

b) Assisting global companies challenging to start and/or expand their Japanese market;

c) Giving good impact on global society through supporting clients and Pro Bono activities.

Tsuyoshi Dai Law Office(TDL) is founded in 2005. TDL handles both corporate transaction/litigations and individual cases. Our legal expertise is IP issues. Our strong industrial field is Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biotechnological and Healthcare.

As the Firm is very open, stand-alone and well networked, we welcome your casual contact.

Cooperation with a U.S. law firm and other foreign law firms

Our firm provides clients with legal services regarding Japan-U.S. issues in cooperation with the law firm in California, Pearson & Schachter.

Pearson & Schachter was established by partners who had worked for prestigious U.S. law firms. The firm practices both of transaction and litigation matters mainly for corporations. Those points are similar to our firm. Also, Mr. Hideaki Sano, a member of the firm, is a relative to Mr. Tsuyoshi dai, a founder of Tsuyoshi Dai & Partners. Our firm may provide decent legal services globally by collaborating with Pearson & Schachter.

Also, through a network of Inter-Pacific Bar Association(IPBA), our firm is connected with global lawfirms