Listed based on our experience in the past


Intellectual Property and License

We have a great deal of experience in the area of IP related transactions including transfer agreements, licensing agreements, and security interest agreements for rights such as patent, rights, trademark rights, and copyrights.

  • Counseling, negotiating and drafting of agreements for intellectual property-related contracts for a joint research and development and entertainment-related agreements
  • Counseling and providing expert opinion concerning infringement of rights such as patent rights, trademark rights, and copyrights
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation concerning IP related legal affairs, which includes intellectual property-related agreements and legal matters related to international transactions

Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biotechnological and Healthcare Practice

Our major practice is to provide a wide range of advice (including deal structuring, due diligence, and contract drafting/negotiations) in connection with various business activities involving pharmaceutical, medical and health-care related companies/institutions.

  • Counseling for Pharmaceutical Law, Medical Device Law and Biotechnology Law including GCP, GMP and other Japanese guidelines for approval of new drugs, regulation for pharmaceuticals and biotech companies, advertisement and publications.
  • Legal matters of regeneration medicine and tissue engineering
  • Drafting and reviewing ethical guidelines for clinical trial
  • Generic business
  • Crossover and domestic CRO(Contract Research Organization) business

Information Technology and Software

We provide a broad range of legal services to help build and protect your online businesses, including counsel and representation on issues relating to intellectual property, business development and communications, terms of use, and website agreements.

  • Internet and e-commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Privacy and Security

Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Act

  • Provisional disposition or lawsuit on trademark infringement
  • Contract negotiation and proceedings of suits on making records and videos
  • Preparing legal opinions
  • Prevention of imitation business and dispute resolution


TDL is able to draw upon its broad base of practice areas advising start-up ventures as they each stage of their development. At the initial stage, the firm assists with the capitalization of start-ups - often through several rounds of financing - and our lawyers are well-versed in the financing structures required by investors to minimize risk and maximize returns. Especially for pharmaceuticals and biotech companies

General corporate

  • Formation of corporations, LLP and other entities
  • Establishing governance frameworks such as internal control system (for preventing illegal acts by directors and employees) and risk management structure
  • assisting shareholder meetings and other shareholder relations
  • Designing and issuance of classified stock or stock acquisition right [share warrant/ subscription rights to shares]
  • By-laws

Venture Capital/Start-ups

  • Preparation for IPO
  • Negotiation with stock exchange as a representative of start-ups
  • Review of the financial statements to stock exchange

Overseas Practice

  • Cross-Over transactions both inbound and outbound
  • Incorporation of subsidiary in Japan
  • Appointment and removal of directors for foreign corporation
  • Guiding Japanese pharmaceuticals and biotech industry practices to Foreign corporations
  • Assisting installation of foreign web services and IT technology into Japanese market


Litigation and dispute resolution have long been one of core areas of practice for TDL. We pursue not only for aggressive representation in court, but also for taking a practical approach in seeking to resolve disputes in ways that may be more beneficial for the client than drawn-out litigation.

Corporate-related disputes and litigations

  • Patent litigation and ADR(Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Trademark
  • Unfair Competition Prevention Act
  • Employment
  • Other commercial Litigations

For individuals

  • Divorce
  • Wills and Trust
  • Torts
  • Criminal


At TDL, we believe in enhancing the communities in which we live and work by providing legal services, financial support, and volunteer services to worthy agencies and individuals in need. We strongly believe that providing first-rate legal services to people and organizations with limited means is the cornerstone of our pro bono program. We are a member of TRUSTLAW, which is the Thomson Reuters Foundation's global pro bono program.